New computer technology has brought enormous advantages to many fields, including
health care. However, many people are concerned about the privacy of their personal
health information in this new digital age, and rightly so. Privacy legislation is designed
to ensure that your personal information—not just health information, but all
information—is protected.

As your doctor, when you provide me or my staff with information I will:

  • Only collect information required for your care and treatment
  • Provide you access to your own records (subject to a minimal fee and some exceptions)
  • Only share your information with other health professionals or healthcare institutions as necessary to provide you with proper healthcare
  • Ask your permission to share your health information if required for other purposes unless I am required to provide it for legal reasons
  • Keep your information secure and retain or destroy these records as required by law
  • Keep accurate records

For more information, read the pdf brochure below: